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BRUSSELS - BELGIUM -24 JUNE 2004-- Robert PALMER is one of the world-leading specialists in the Capital of Culture event. He is the only person to have directed two Cities/Capitals of Culture, first for Glasgow in 1990 and then for Brussels in 2000. The European Commission have asked Palmer/Rae Associates to undertake a new, six-month study (Jan.-June 2004) that will cover the 29 cities designated in the period from 1995 to the present day and that will also look at the long-term legacies of the previous years. The study will offer a basis for future policy-making in the field by the EU, with a particular eye on the programme's long-term effects, the role of European cultural cooperation, and the use and effects of EU financial contributions. --PHOTO: JUHA ROININEN / EUP-IMAGES