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BRUSSELS - BELGIUM - 27 NOVEMBER 2009 -- The European Commission hosts the launching of the book "Turkey and Europe-An Example: Alessandro Missier di Lusignano" devoted to this Economic and Political Counsellor to the Delegation of the European.Commission in Rabat tragically killed together with his wife in 2006. -- Olli REHN, (FI) EU-Commissioner in charge of Enlargement had time to attend and hold a speech at the launching of the book between his tight schedule as being nominated as Commissioner - designate  in charge of Economic and Monetary Affairs. Alessandro's children Amedea, Giustina, Filiberto, Alessandro's mother Anna MISSIR DI LUSIGNANO andTommaso in the front row.  -- PHOTO: Juha ROININEN / EUP-IMAGES..20091127 HSPO