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ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA - 08 APRIL 2004-- The Ethiopian national food Injera and Wot. Injera is the flatt pancake type soure bread made of teff, Erogrostis.Teff is one of the smallest grains in the world, measuring only about 1/32 of an inch in diameter. Approximately 150 grains equal the size of a kernel of wheat. One cup of cooked teff contains 387 milligrams of calcium (40 percent of the USRDA, which is more than milk), 15 milligrams of iron (100 percent of the USRDA and twice as much iron as wheat and barley) and is high in protein as well as fiber. A rich source of boron, copper, phosphorus, zinc. Gluten-free. The use of teff can be traced back to about 3359 BC. Wot is hot spicy sauce with chicken, beef or mutton. Berbere (mixture of spices cayenne pepper and paprika the main ones) being the main spice. Allicha is a mildly spiced stew (turmeric, curcuma the main spice) with vegetables and mosty mutton or beef. PHOTO: JUHA ROININEN / EUP-IMAGES