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BRUSSELS - BELGIUM - 08 November 2016 -- 25th anniversary of the foundation of the European Confederation of SME Associations 'CEA-PME'. -- Valérie Guimard, Vice-president of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and president of AFDEE; Patrick Meinhardt, BVMW Co-director for Politics and Europe, and in charge of cooperating with CEA-PME; Mario Ohoven, President of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and BVMW e.V. (D); Didier Reynders, Vice-Prime Minister of Belgium, and Minister for Foreign & European Affairs and Foreign Trade Maurizio Casasco, Vice-President of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME; Walter Grupp, Secretary General of European Entreprenuers CEA-PME. -- PHOTO: Juha ROININEN / EUP-IMAGES